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loneboatCruise around the lake in your own boat

Boating is permitted daily from sunrise to sunset.  Boating activities include water skiing, fast and slow boating, sailing and windsurfing.  Two powerboat launch ramps are located on the North Shore and two sailboat launch ramps are located on the South Shore.  From April 1st, through September 30th, we employ the ODD-EVEN SYSTEM, which separates power boating/water skiing from Personal Water Craft (P.W.C) on different days of the week.  The speed zone is reserved for Personal watercraft on odd calendar days and power boating & water skiing on even days.  Boats are inspected prior to launching and boaters are required to comply with California Boating Laws. 





General Boating Rules Requirements for Launch Waterskiing Rules Non-Powered Boating Rules Non-Power Boating Rules


Don't Let this Happen to our Lake!!


As of January 2014, Puddingstone Lake still appears to be Quagga/Zebra mussel-free. Help us keep it that way!

Anyone who is a fresh-water boater in California NEEDS to view this video at least once! 



All boats entering the water are subject to inspection for quagga mussels prior to launch.

You will NOT be allowed to launch your boat if you have been to an infested lake and/or still have any standing water or dampness on your boat or trailer. Launch may also be denied if you have not had your boat professionaly cleaned and/or has not been cleaned, drained and dry for up to seven days, depending on the time of year.

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Boating Rules

Below are links to PDF Versions of the boating rules please click to view



Lake Boating Map


General Boating Rules


Requirements for Launch


Personal Water Craft Rules


Water Skiing/Fast Boating Rules


Non-Powered Boating


Radio Controlled Rules


Boating can be fun and safe please make sure to always wear a lifejacket.

Remember lifeguards patrol the lake to enforce rules for the safety and wellbeing for yourself and others


(Beware boating rules are updated periodically)


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